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The pinnacle

Formula 1: We are the partner for power, speed and efficiency.


It is no coincidence that Formula 1 is regarded as the pinnacle of motor racing. Not only is it the most popular and prestigious racing series in the world, but it also boasts cutting-edge technology, making it the spearhead for the entire automotive industry.

All you need to know about the new season.

This is one of the reasons why MAHLE Motorsport and Formula 1 are so compatible. Both have the principle of high performance in their DNA. In Formula 1, the teams, drivers and technology demand this high performance in every practice session and every race. At MAHLE Motorsport, it is an inherent component of every product and innovation.

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At MAHLE Motorsport, we meet this demand for maximum performance through passion and meticulous work. This has particularly been the case since the extensive changes to regulations that came into place in 2014. Since then, 1.6-litre V6 turbo engines have replaced the 2.4-litre V8 induction engines that were used previously. For us, smaller capacity with greater performance and lower consumption means that our components must be able to resist far higher ignition pressures and temperatures; whilst at the same time they have to last longer, as the number of engines available per driver per season has been reduced from eight to four.

“Formula 1 is not simply the top level of engine development in motorsport. It is the spearhead of the entire automotive industry. This is particularly true today, with so many technological innovations being introduced.”

Mattia Binotto, Chief Operating Officer Power Unit, Ferrari

We share the ambition of constantly performing to our very best with one team in particular: Scuderia Ferrari. We have enjoyed a very close and friendly relationship with the multiple world champions from Maranello for many years. Scuderia Ferrari trusts MAHLE Motorsport’s expertise. For example, when developing and optimizing the crank mechanism, and in the quality and reliability of the engine components.

Among our development activities for Scuderia Ferrari are innovative combustion processes. MAHLE is using a patented solution for the first time, which allows a dramatic increase in efficiency. The new MAHLE Jet Ignition® lean burn combustion process achieves this with a special surface ignition. Higher power output is thus generated for applications in motorsports. We are also in the process of developing this process for production vehicles, as this technology significantly increases efficiency. This way, motor racing constantly functions as a technological driver for series applications.

MAHLE Motorsport will continue to be an important cooperation partner to the multiple world champions from Italy also in the future. Only recently, MAHLE and Scuderia Ferrari extended their cooperation with a long-term partnership agreement.