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The sprinters

DTM: we are the driving force behind champions.


Thrilling races, captivating cars and an exciting race between the biggest premium manufacturers in the world: at MAHLE Motorsport, we view the German Touring Car Masters (DTM) as the ideal platform, on which to showcase our technologies. Here, we are able to find the answer to the big question: how can tomorrow’s series production benefit from our present ideas and developments for the racetrack?

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Automobile manufacturers have been using MAHLE pistons on a lot of DTM cars for many years. However, we have been closely associated with one brand in particular: as official partner of BMW Motorsport, the MAHLE logo features prominently on all the BMW M4 DTMs since 2014.

One particular feature of the DTM are the strictly defined regulations, which are intended to give all the manufacturers the equal opportunity. For us at MAHLE Motorsport, this means looking out for any possibility to improve and making many adjustments with BMW Motorsport, both small and large, to achieve a successful overall concept.


"With a partner like MAHLE Motorsport, who is constantly striving for innovations in its specialist field and then implements these innovations with us, we have the best possible foundations on which to consistently achieve success."

Jens Marquardt, BMW Motorsport Director

Already since 2012, our development engineers and technicians joined forces with BMW Motorsport and discovered ways to make the highly-developed BMW V8 engines even more efficient and powerful. MAHLE components, such as forged pistons, piston pins and rings, circlips, crankshaft bearing shells and the water pump contribute to BMW Motorsport’s success in the DTM.

The partnership was hugely successful from the very beginning: winning the Drivers’ Championship, the team competition and the Manufacturers’ title in 2012, the Drivers’ Championship in 2014 and the Manufacturers’ title again in 2013 and 2015, followed by another Drivers’ title in 2016. And victory for our customer is victory for MAHLE too.

Eau de Garage – Racing Edition

Do you have motorsport in your blood? Do you want to breath in the scent of success? Then Racing Edition of the Eau de Garage air freshener from MAHLE Motorsport is tailor-made for you!

The typical MAHLE piston design gives this very special air freshener a unique look. It is a must-have for real motorsport fans and professional petrol heads. And it is unmistakable, with its scent of motorsport, metal, rubber, fuel and success.

Anyone who has ever been in the pit lane, or better still in a racing team’s garage, will immediately recognise this unmistakable aroma. With the Racing Edition of the Eau de Garage air freshener from MAHLE Motorsport, you can now take this scent wherever you go.