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MAHLE Motorsport never stands still. We see ourselves as active drivers of innovations – at the highest level.

Whether Formula 1 World Champions, Le Mans winners, or champions in the DTM, MotoGP, or NASCAR: Week after week, the performances of the top teams in the most important race series worldwide demonstrate the outstanding quality of MAHLE Motorsport's products and innovations.

MAHLE is passionately committed to tackling the particular challenges presented by motorsport. We have been active as developers and system partners on the international racing scene for many decades. Our pistons and engine components reliably power racing engines to maximum performances. Nowhere else are engine components and systems subject to such stresses and strains.

At MAHLE Motorsport we have always regarded every win and every record as both - confirmation and mission at the same time. On the one hand, we bring our partner around the world even further forward with new developments. And on the other hand, as drivers of innovation in motorsport, we are also pioneers for series production. We face similar ranges of tasks in production and in racing. For example, how we can achieve more performance from every single drop of fuel.

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Every challenge of this complexity makes us shift up a gear and is our motivation for new developments. The MAHLE motorsport center in Fellbach is at the heart of our commitment to racing. In addition to Development and Design, Production and Sales are also located here. This is where we manufacture pistons, piston pins, connecting rods, cylinder liners, and water pumps. In our highly specialized batch production, we assemble pistons and cylinder liners for high performance series units. At our locations in Great Britain, we manufacture engine blocks and cylinder heads for high performance engines in road vehicles. Also in the USA we have established ourselves as the leading racing supplier for pistons and piston rings since 2000. This sees MAHLE Motorsport also offer on-site development and production for American race series.